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Dr. Carol Jenkins-Neil, President of FCBNA work tirelessly in every aspect of our organization to carry out its mission to promote health, education and community awareness and be the vehicle of unification for Black nurses of varied age groups, educational levels and geographic locations within Duval, Clay, St John, Nassau and Baker counties.

The First Coast Black Nurses Association Partners with the Annie Ruth Foundation Summer Internship Program

In 2020 the First Coast Black Nurses Association partnered with the Annie Ruth Foundation to offer students aspiring to become a medical professional experience in their desired career field. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the internship experience was held virtually.


Wendy Jackson BS, BSN, MSN, MBA and Adam Smith, FNP of the First Coast Black Nurses Association developed a 30-hour virtual learning experience. Under Wendy and Adam's leadership these aspiring medical professionals attended a 1½ hour lecture series each Thursday for 6 consecutive weeks. The students were broken into three small groups and given one of three focus topics: Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension and Mental Health. Based on the groups assigned topic, each group was required to work 4 hours per week to produce a 10-page research paper and develop a PowerPoint presentation. The experience also required the students to create a vision board of which they shared with the large group. All of our activities took place over a 6-week period during the months of June to July. We mentored ten high school students with the same criteria of having a desire to pursue a career as a healthcare professional. Weekly lessons on topics such as choosing a career based on their personality, setting goals, making a vision board, creating a resume, and how to manage finances were implemented. Our weekly guest speakers included nurses, a nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioners, a nursing administrator, an entrepreneur, and a former high school counselor who discussed how to apply for scholarships for college. Students were given a group project on a chronic disease and applied the nursing process to create an evidenced-based research paper and PowerPoint presentation from journals and clinical guidelines. Students were required to present the information to the group.

The virtual experience enabled the students to 1) understand, first-hand, what it’s like to work in various fields of nursing, 2) develop their knowledge of common diseases that are well-known in the African American race and 3) strengthen their communication skills.


The First Coast Black Nurses will continue to partner annually with the Annie Ruth Foundation mentorship program every summer. Students stated this exposed them to the diverse roles nursing offered and were pleased with program results.

Wendy H. Jackson, BS, BSN, MSN, MBA


Wendy H. Jackson is an adjunct professor for several colleges in the Jacksonville, Florida area. She is currently pursuing her DNP at her alma mater, Jacksonville University. Wendy also has a great love for helping children and the indigent and in her spare time, she is a free-lance writer for a publishing company.

Adam O. Smith, FNP


Mr. Adam O. Smith is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner and brings with him over 7 years of experience working within the medical profession. He currently works at Northeast Florida Endocrine & Diabetes Associates as a midlevel provider on the endocrinology service. Mr. Smith sees patients at many area hospitals in Jacksonville, Florida. He also sees patients in clinic on an outpatient basis.

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Dr. Jenitre Moore, RN, BSN, DNP, CRNA

Envision Physician Services, Jacksonville, FL 


NBNA’s 40 and Under Awardee 2020

The National Black Nurses Association/First Coast Black Nurses Association Salutes Its Next Generation of Nursing Leaders. The Under 40 Award honor and celebrate NBNA members who are 40 years old and under who have shown strong leadership and demonstrated excellence and innovation in their practice setting, in their NBNA chapters and in the communities they serve. These are the emerging leaders who will carry the vision and the mission of our Founders into the future. These young leaders are the "way forward" for our communities and our organization. These young leaders are the "Future of Nursing".

Dr. Jenitre Moore, RN, BSN, DNP, CRNA is active on several committees with FCBNA and demonstrates a commitment to nursing excellence and practice in everything she does. She is active in the community she serves. She has been an active member of various nursing organizations such as the Florida Association of Nurse Anesthetists and American Association of Critical Care Nurses. She is currently a board member of the Diversity CRNA Mentorship Program. In addition, she mentors future nurses through FCBNA and her role as a Clinical Coordinator at a local University. Her 10-year plan is to continue mentoring student nurses in developing their skills for nursing.


To all our past and present sponsors, on behalf of First Coast Black Nurses and all the "scholarship" recipients, we send you our heartfelt THANK YOU!

Please know that we sincerely appreciate every donation, large or small!

Every First Coast Black Nurses Scholarship, Educational Webinars and Health Disparity Summits would not have been possible without the continued unselfish support from our sponsors which are individuals and companies in our community.     

Nursing is the art of Caring... 

Jean Watson




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