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Dear Members of FCBNA

We fell asleep in one world and woke up in another world.   Hugs and kisses have suddenly become weapons; not visiting families and friends has become an act of love.  All of a sudden, we realize that power, beauty, and money are worthless and cannot get us the very thing we need the most; a cure for the coronavirus and peace of mind that this dreadful virus will end soon.  

We are in uncharted times and as nurses, we have to think of safety first for ourselves, our families, and the public we are serving.  We must take a proactive approach to minimize the risk of exposure to the coronavirus so as a result of this terrible time we have to change our programs and projects for the rest of the year.   

We are postponing several events until 2021. We hope that postponing the events helps ensure that all attendees and participants fully enjoy our events in a safe environment.  Our meetings will change from face to face meetings to fully conference call meetings monthly.    We are hoping that everyone will be able to adjust to our new normal.  As nurses, our profession will transform because after this the world as we know it will never be the same again.  Because we have partnered with the Health Department for the Health Disparities Summit, they gave us some insight into the seriousness of the coronavirus. 


We are asking each member to not take this lightly.    Self-isolation and hand washing are the keys to survival.   The numbers are increasing in Jacksonville daily as the world's economy is taking a nosedive.  This is a time to embrace family members, friends and love ones. Have home-cooked meals and movie time.  Get caught up on work at home and finally take care of projects at home.  The First Coast Black Nurses Association will remain committed to our pledge to serve and to remain safe. 


Your President, and Executive Board

Dr. Carol Jenkins Neil  

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